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Designed for Beginner level Chinese learners (See Level Map) to learn Chinese. Original name of Chinese Lesson is Communicate in Chinese from CCTV as well. Over 30 lessons and much more culture background stories about China and Chinese language. It is also hosted by Dashan (Mark Rowswell). The topics include number, time, date, Making phone calls, Staying at hotels, Taking bus, Ordering food and having meals, Go to the hospital, Birthday Party ...
Beginner - Numbers - Lesson 1
Topic: numbers, address, sorry, bye
Function: how to express address and number
Tag: Learn Chinese, Chinese Conversation, Essential Chinese
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Sorry, Amanda. My local video has no problem. But after uploading to youtube, the problem comes out. I also do not know why. I guess the problem is from youtube. If you need original video file (about 30M), please leave your email, I will send to you. -- studyadviser -- More>>>

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da rao le means 'excuse me' -- TomScott -- More>>>


Chinese Lesson

How to learn Chinese
Lesson 3 Numbers












伊丽莎白:真对不起!(拿过地址) 找错楼了,是15号楼2 门308 室,打扰了。




Elizabeth: Room 308, gate2. That's right, this is it.

Li Hong: (opens door)

Elizabeth: Excuse me, is Manager Wang at home?

Li Hong: Sorry, there is no Manager Wang here. You've got the wrong address. (closes door)

Elizabeth: Excuse me, isn't this room 308, gate 2?

Li Hong: Right, this is room 308, gate 2. But, this is not Manager Wang’s home.

Elizabeth: But, have a look, this is the address Manager Wang gave me, room 308, gate 2.

Li Hong: (looks at address) (laughs) Manager Wang who you are looking for does live at room 308, gate 2. I also live at room 308, gate 2.

Elizabeth: But ...(confused)

Li Hong: Your Manager Wang lives in Building15,this is Building 16.

Elizabeth: I’m so sorry!(takes address) Got the wrong building ... It's room 308, gate 2, Building 15... I'm sorry to trouble you.

Li Hong: That's ok.

Elizabeth: Good-bye!

Li Hong: Good-bye!


Chinese Lesson

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