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Designed for Beginner level Chinese learners (See Level Map) to learn Chinese. Original name of Chinese Lesson is Communicate in Chinese from CCTV as well. Over 30 lessons and much more culture background stories about China and Chinese language. It is also hosted by Dashan (Mark Rowswell). The topics include number, time, date, Making phone calls, Staying at hotels, Taking bus, Ordering food and having meals, Go to the hospital, Birthday Party ...
Beginner - Time - Lesson 1
Topic: time
Function: how to express time
Tag: Learn Chinese, Chinese Conversation, Essential Chinese
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Chinese Lesson

How to learn Chinese
Lesson 4 Time

会话 A


刘明:(伸懒腰) 李红,几点了?










(At home.)

Liu Ming: (stretching)Li Hong, what's the time?

Li Hong: What's the time? Ten minutes past nine.

Liu Ming: Oh my god, I'm going to be late.

Li Hong: Have you forgotten? It's your day off today.

Liu Ming: I know, but...

Li Hong :But what?

Liu Ming: You forgot, we have to pick up my dad from the airport at 10 o'clock?

Li Hong: Whoops, I forgot. Quick, there's 45 minutes to go, we can still make it to the airport.

Liu Ming: Then I’ll go there right now.


Chinese Lesson

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