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Video Chinese Lesson from CCTV. It is designed for Zero to Survival level Chinese learners (See Level Map) and hosted by Dashan (Mark Rowswell), the most famous foreigner in China. Learn Chinese is also designed for foreign travelers in China and foreign visitors of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Over 20 lessons and basic topics include How to Say hello, Do Shopping, Ask Direction in Chinese ...
Survival - Time - Lesson 1
Topic: time, make a call, contact
Function: to forget something
Tag: Learn Chinese, Chinese Conversation, Sports, Travel in China
Video Copyright: CCTV
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Learn Chinese

How to learn Chinese
第三课 时间 Time

一、 生词

1、 联系 to contact

2、 幸亏 fortunately

3、 闭幕式 closing ceremony

4、 奥运村 Olympic Village

5、 待多久 wait how long?

6、 大概 approximately

二、 容易读错四声的字

1、 喝咖啡 to drink coffee

2、 聊聊 have a conversation

三、 多音字

1、 落在 (là)

Here it is pronounced là and means “to forget something”, “to leave something behind by mistake”


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